Contract and Vendor Management

Manage contract creation, execution and analysis to maximise financial and operational performance and minimise risks



Competency Area

Stakeholder and Customer Management


Support development of contracts and analyse contract risks

File and record documents/events/meetings in an easy retrieval manner

Support contract creation

Support analyses of risks in contract agreements by taking into consideration organisation’s best interests

Analyse risks of contract terms

Analyse risks of contract terms to the organisation’s financial, legal and operational performance

Draft contracts while taking into consideration risk elements and legal matters

Analyse performance and outputs and ensure contract terms are being followed

Develop contracts terms that are legally compliant

Review contracts and balance the interests of the organisation and risk elements

Develop contract terms and approaches that are reasonably termed and legally compliant

Develop relationships with vendors through effective communication, honesty, and integrity

Drive long-term vendor relationships

Devise contract agreements in the best interest of the organisation

Formulate contracts that accommodate changing market conditions, risks associated with uncertainties while still permitting appropriate reviews in relation to the vision and capabilities of the organisation

Drive vendor management through continuous influences to meet performance objectives to ensure profitability, and long- term partnerships