Post-Trade Monitoring and Risk and Capital Management

Monitor daily profit and loss and positions in the trading books, and formulate hedging strategies to manage associated financial risks



Competency Area

Investment and Financial Management


Execute post-trade processes and identify trading discrepancies

Perform trade documentation

Construct hedging positions based on formulated strategies

Execute trades on an electronic or equivalent platforms

Handle trade clearing and trade settlement

Analyse trading discrepancies and unconfirmed trades

Monitor positions in trading books and formulate hedging strategies

Review trade documentation

Resolve escalated trading discrepancies

Monitor trading desk profit and loss positions

Formulate hedging strategies

Identify financial risks and compliance issues associated with trading book and relevant counterparties

Oversee formulation of hedging strategies and influence capital allocation

Oversee formulation of hedging strategies in line with organisation objectives and business strategies

Define risk appetite for the business units

Inform organisation’s capital allocation and strategic planning decisions

Establish processes for resolution of trading discrepancies

Manage financial risks that have been highlighted