Credit Assessment

Assess borrower or customer’s credit worthiness and credit risk based on internal credit guidelines to determine suitable credit structuring options



Competency Area

Investment and Financial Management


Support assessment of credit worthiness of customers

Identify and verify availability of correct documentation for credit assessment

Interpret information contained in financial statements

Apply credit risk analysis techniques to determine type of borrowers and identify credit worthiness for simple borrower or customer scenarios

Apply internal credit rating policies and systems to determine customers’ credit standing according to customer types

Assess credit worthiness of customers based on credit analysis findings

Review credit documentation and financial statements for standard credit applications

Verify credit risk analysis findings and reported results

Validate customers’ credit standing

Distinguish the difference between internal and external credit ratings

Monitor on-going credit worthiness of customers

Assess the impact of unfavourable factors on customers’ credit worthiness

Draft basic credit proposals and credit structuring options based on credit assessment

Determine credit risks of customers and suitable credit structuring options

Approve credit risk ratings for borrower or customers

Review credit worthiness assessments performed by team members

Apply advanced credit risk analysis techniques for complex applications

Assess on-going credit worthiness of customers

Review organisation’s credit risk policies and procedures

Verify compliance of credit renewals

Develop credit facility structures to meet customers’ needs and requirements

Provide recommendations for loan structuring based on assessed credit worthiness

Write credit proposals with structured credit facilities

Lead organisation’s framework for assessment of credit worthiness

Evaluate comprehensiveness of organisation’s credit analysis frameworks and procedures

Review applicability of credit risk analysis techniques

Evaluate summaries and assumptions made for assessment of on-going credit worthiness of complex and priority customers

Provide strategic direction in aligning credit assessments to policies

Establish reasonableness of credit proposals for bespoke customer scenarios

Reassign or approve credit risk ratings and credit proposals

Endorse credit facility structures and suggested credit structuring options