People Performance Management

Implement effective performance management procedures to drive individual objectives and achievement of team goals



Competency Area

People Management


Implement performance management programmes

Facilitate the identification of KPIs for teams and individuals with managers

Conduct research on the best practices in KPI development

Communicate KPI guidelines to line managers

Implement performance management programmes according to overall performance management strategies

Communicate performance management programmes to employees using appropriate communication channels

Analyse relationship between performance management and business performance

Evaluate effectiveness of performance management programmes

Refine performance management programmes based on feedback

Review people performance monitoring processes against KPIs

Align key people performance indicators to meet strategic business objectives

Propose key performance metrics

Recommend improvements and/or adjustments for organisation-wide performance management processes and tracking systems

Analyse and determine root causes of individual and/or business performance gaps

Assess people performances against KPIs

Propose learning and develop initiatives to mitigate performance gaps and adapt to changes and developments in the business environment

Implement improvements to existing people performance management systems

Establish people performance management guidelines aligned to strategic business goals

Endorse proposed improvements and/or adjustments made for performance management processes and/or systems

Define organisational learning and development initiatives

Establish best practice development based on business needs, industry standards and emerging trends

Set goals and objectives of people performance management framework