Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) Administration

Establish procedures and documentation using Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) for control and audit



Competency Area

Workplace Safety and Health


HMIS processing

Perform processing of HMIS documentation

Carry out HMIS data entry or capturing of data into relevant documents or templates

Perform filing and scanning-related activities for repository purposes

Check documentation used to ensure that appropriate documents are used and filled in accurately

Support HMIS compliance initiatives

Apply HMIS coding or labelling

Enhance clarity and simplicity of HMIS policies and procedures to increase user adoption

Apply and update notifications or banners in organisation’s premises

Provide improvement suggestions on HMIS materials such as user training or on-boarding

Apply data capturing methods or automation of safety data sheets in HMIS

Implement HMIS compliance initiatives

Implement efficient coding or labelling techniques

Analyse processes, procedures and documentation to identify non-compliance

Implement measures and generate reporting templates to improve compliance

Collaborate with stakeholders for HMIS process improvements

Develop HMIS compliance initiatives and review policies and procedures

Develop procedures to teach efficient coding or labelling techniques

Develop measureable targets for non- compliance

Develop HMIS user, on- boarding and training materials

Review HMIS process improvement plans

Facilitate HMIS materials for development of users, on-boarding and trainings

Facilitate audit reviews by reviewing processes, procedures and documentation to identify non-compliance and improvement initiatives