Automation Design

Manage control systems and information technology to reduce the need for human work in the production of goods and services in order to streamline operations in terms of speed, reliability and product output



Competency Area

Solutioning and Programme Management


Identify appropriate technology to automate inefficient operations

Analyse areas in logistics operations where automation can replace inefficient processes

Identify automation technology that can improve or replace inefficient processes

Implement test methodologies on selected automation technology to determine suitability

Implement automation plans

Maintain the performance of automation

Review and refine proposed technology for automation

Review business impact of adopting identified technology to automate business processes

Adapt design of proposed automation technology to suit business requirements of existing operations

Develop implementation plans to implement automation technology in existing operations

Review outcomes of integration plans in accordance with key performance metrics

Develop risk management procedures to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery

Formulate business process improvement strategies through automation

Formulate business process improvement strategies through automation

Lead and present the validating strategies for management’s approval

Drive and oversee automation plans

Formulate key performance metrics for success measurement

Formulate risk management protocols for process automation