Compliance Mindset Development

Design and deliver training materials on regulatory compliance topics to spread awareness and encourage adoption of a compliance mindset and behaviours



Competency Area

Risk Management, Governance and Regulatory Compliance


Assist in preparation and execution of compliance training

Identify and explain basic requirements to organise, design and deliver a compliance training programme for the organisation

Identify key success factors of effective compliance training programme and compliance mindset development activities

Plan and prepare training materials to support the delivery of training by senior compliance officials

Co-facilitate training under senior compliance officials’ direction and supervision

Practice compliance in day-to-day activities

Oversee development of compliance training programmes

Perform training gap analyses using appropriate tools and techniques

Identify compliance training needs across the organisation

Design appropriate training programmes and/or mindset development activities

Determine appropriate training and development techniques

Provide guidance for the development of compliance mindset development activities

Deliver compliance training to the business through appropriate use of communication, problem solving and negotiation skills

Facilitate compliance educational activities

Cultivate culture of compliance mindset

Remain aware of regulatory changes and their impact on the business

Develop organisational compliance training strategies

Identify organisational- wide and senior- management training gaps for compliance mindset

Oversee updates of the organisation’s compliance policies to include compliance mindset and behaviour awareness

Facilitate training and mindset development activities for senior management

Propose recommendations for improving compliance training and development activities based on feedback