Information Technology Application Support and Monitoring

Provide Information Technology (IT) application and security support by troubleshooting issues, identifying root causes, performing trend analysis and/or monitoring performance, to ensure issues are resolved.



Competency Area

Data Analytics and Information Technology Management


Provide maintenance activities and troubleshooting support

Perform IT related maintenance activities to ensure appropriate proactive and reactive measures are in place

Identify common security- related issues in IT applications, information and data

Identify the impact of incidents and corresponding solutions to control and/or mitigate security incidents

Identify required information on IT application issues to be gathered from relevant sources and stakeholders, to gain an accurate understanding of issues

Implement relevant controls to minimise the impact of these IT security incidents

Provide support to end users of IT applications

Manage incident response plans and prevent occurrences

Provide appropriate technical advice to resolve issues related to software, applications and/or IT services

Implement incident response plans to efficiently resolve and escalate issues, depending on the nature and impact of incidents

Perform root cause and trend analyses for IT application issues to prevent future occurrences and identify high volume and critical issues

Analyse trends based on issues identified from historical reports

Engage end users with satisfactory customer service

Design IT application strategies

Create and maintain clear baselines for relevant financial service IT application types, integration elements and data design, to serve as a basis for future assessments

Develop and formulate overall IT application strategies in alignment to the organisation’s overall IT and business vision

Define business processes to measure the performance and effectiveness of relevant business functions