Pricing for Cargo Services and Operations

Apply knowledge in cargo rating together with understanding needs of shippers and consignees for developing reliable and affordable transportation solutions



Competency Area

Freight Forwarding


Support in documentation of cargo pricing

Support with documentation of cargo services and operations pricing

Support in data collection of market prices

Deploy improvement initiatives

Implement cargo rating principles to calculate cargo rates

Analyse shippers and consignees’ needs

Analyse prevalent market prices

Implement cargo rating models to advise shippers and consignees on shipment charges

Develop a reliable and affordable transportation solution

Develop and maintain cargo pricing models that can be rapidly applied during sales and business development efforts to affiliate new customers

Develop tactical cargo rates to meet shippers and consignees’ needs and ensure market competitiveness

Develop unpublished rates with advanced construction and combination principles

Calculate rates and charges for mixed consignments, Unit Load Devices (ULDs) and complete Air Waybill (AWB)

Review new market developments, and suggest related measures and other approaches to ensure pricing is competitive

Develop cargo handling and delivery operations plans in compliance to rating principles as well as operator variations

Develop reliable and affordable transportation systems using cargo rating principles to fulfil needs of shippers and consignees

Review pricing effectiveness according to key performance metrics

Formulate cargo pricing strategies and coach employees

Evaluate cargo capacity trends and apply insights to influence pricing strategies

Evaluate market trends and fluctuations and apply insights to influence pricing strategies

Coach employees on variations in rating principles and operator variations

Formulate and drive cargo pricing strategies

Devise performance metrics aligned to sales and marketing strategies

Evaluate pricing model effectiveness according to key performance metrics

Lead implementation of pricing models that are appropriate to changing market conditions