Logistics Operations Research and Planning

Adopt advanced quantitative methods to analyse, design, plan and control logistics systems in order to support business requirements



Competency Area

Process Improvement


Analyse current logistics operating model with respect to current and future business needs

Project future demand for logistics services

Analyse future logistics operations trends such as process structure, customer involvement, resource flexibility and capital intensity

Analyse gaps of current logistics operating model with respect to key performance indicators, current industry best practices and future demand

Optimise current logistics operating models

Develop appropriate performance indicators for logistics operations management

Design optimisation plans for logistics operating models to close identified gaps

Develop optimisation plans for logistics operations with models

Evaluate models to optimise logistics operations

Formulate priorities in measuring key performance of logistics operations management

Formulate logistics operations strategies to meet customer needs

Lead evaluation of proposed logistics operating models by measuring business impact, ensure marketing competitiveness and meet future customer needs

Drive implementation of logistics operations optimisation models