Market Profiling

Segment the markets, select the targeting strategies and tactics, profile the target segments and develop the positioning strategies as well as implementation activities



Competency Area

Customer Relationship and Stakeholder Management


Identify potential market segments

Select markets for profiling to meet requirements of marketing plans

Identify sources of information and research methods for segmenting and profiling markets in accordance with the marketing and/or media plans

Describe customer profiles for identified market segments

Map relevant products to identified market segments according to customer characteristics

Define and review market segmentation criteria to create target markets for products

Analyse customer data and its accuracy

Implement market sizing techniques and research

Segment the markets and review the most effective marketing mix

Identify the appropriate target markets and profile target audience for the organisation’s range of products and services available

Develop value propositions for market segments

Assess market segment attractiveness

Implement marketing activities in line with the marketing plans

Develop communication plans for segmentation criteria

Monitor and review marketing performance to ensure performance is maximised

Set positioning strategies and implementation plans

Set frameworks and criteria for market profiling and segmentation

Drive market positioning strategies

Identify available market segments and strategic marketing options

Evaluate market segment attractiveness and determine value propositions

Design the approaches to determine and describe the total markets