Logistics Solutions Sales

Identify customer needs, evaluate these needs and identify probable solutions so as to sell logistics solutions and services to solve the needs of customers



Competency Area

Solutioning and Programme Management


Implements steps to identify and stay up-to-date on customer needs

Identify customer needs through prospecting and networking

Identify people and organisations who are potential customers

Analyse potential customers’ interests in particular products and/or services to determine needs

Maintain clear and comprehensive picture of customers’ current and future needs

Develop sales proposals based on customer needs to build strong customer relationships

Review sales performance via key performance metrics

Facilitate further communication with customers identified as sales leads

Develop strong customer relationships

Develop competitor array for competitive analysis

Develop sales presentations and proposals clearly to outline solutions addressing customers’ needs and concerns

Drive development of proposals to provide solutions and services to customers

Drive improvement of solutions using system thinking tools to resolve issues affecting achievement of desired goals and outcomes

Lead negotiation by establishing guidelines to achieve desired outcomes

Guide organisational strategic direction into sales and marketing strategic direction to support achievement of organisational strategic objectives

Drive contract negotiation with customers and stakeholders