Logistics Solutions Marketing

Plan, implement and control business activities to conduct buying and selling of product offerings or services between buyers and sellers of logistics services



Competency Area

Solutioning and Programme Management


Analyse market to provide primary information required to plan marketing strategies

Analyse market penetration for specified products

Analyse consumer and business market segmentation

Implement steps for market segmentation and targeting

Maintain product pricing documentation

Organise marketing channels for execution of marketing plans

Deploy implementation plans to support marketing campaigns

Develop marketing strategies based on market research

Review competitor activities and market trends to determine potential opportunities and threats to organisation

Develop acquisition and retention programmes to increase customer base

Develop implementation plans for marketing campaigns to achieve objectives

Formulate methods and measurements for monitoring and evaluation of marketing campaigns

Develop actionable marketing strategies and programmes that encompass customer needs

Drive implementation of marketing strategies

Develop business activities budget in accordance with project specifications and organisation’s costing policies

Formulate allocation of resources within budget means

Drive execution of marketing campaigns

Devise effectiveness evaluation of marketing campaigns

Initiate refinements to marketing campaigns to enhance effectiveness

Lead recommendations on improvements of activities based on evaluation