Product Advisory

Develop, maintain and convey detailed and specialised product knowledge as well as keep abreast of emerging product knowledge to address organisation requirements



Competency Area

Product, Sales and Market Management


Identify potential products matching with requirements

Record customer requirements

Assist customers in resolving basic issues, with reference to standard guidelines

Shortlist potential products that can meet customer needs to expand product portfolio

Communicate details and functions of products effectively to customers

Cross-sell, upsell and recommend products, and solutions

Analyse requirements or non-standard requests

Identify appropriate solutions to meet customers’ requirements based on market trends

Provide in-depth knowledge on usage of products and specifications to the organisation

Analyse competitor’s products that are offered in the market

Compare features and benefits of product to similar products offered in the market

Articulate sales opportunities to cross-sell and/or up-sell products by matching product benefits to customers’ needs

Draft proof-of-concepts to support sales efforts

Lead the design of customised product solutions

Identify product needs

Justify suitable solutions to address customer needs

Support the role of a specific product in the broader end-to-end solution

Lead the design of customised solutions and products to meet customers’ unique set of requirements

Lead the sale of customised products to key customers by showcasing product benefits

Explain electronic product solutions for customers and unique value propositions

Identify relative standing of the organisation’s products with competitors’ products to propose any product enhancements

Synthesise high-level trends in financial services sector into sales proposals

Forecast trends and changes in product requirements

Drive design of organisation-wide proposals for products and solutions

Lead the development of customised solutions, product prototypes and models

Anticipate how technical aspects of a specific product may impact or be impacted by other elements in a broader, end-to-end solution

Assess product performance and competitiveness to determine if re-alignment is necessary to better suit the market

Evaluate product mix to determine suitability to meet customer needs, business objectives and organisational governance and compliance guidelines