Deal Syndication and Arrangement

Identify and assess syndication opportunity based on size and risk levels, invite other lenders for syndication and arrange for finalise loan syndication through legal means



Competency Area

Investment and Financial Management


Identify potential syndication partners and design loan structures

Identify potential lenders for syndication

Assess creditworthiness of borrowers

Develop credit proposals to ensure borrowers meet all requirements

Design loan structure for borrowers

Prepare term and legal documentation for loan syndication

Manage loan syndication process

Propose potential lenders for syndication

Review credit proposals to ensure credit worthiness of borrowers

Evaluate loan structure for borrowers

Review term and legal documentation for agreement between lenders and borrowers

Align lenders and borrowers objectives to ensure compliance with the terms of the Credit Agreement and other governing documents

Ensure adherence to internal control policies

Endorse organisation strategies for lender syndication

Oversee and develop loan market insights and guidance on syndicated financing

Drive adherence to internal control policies during loan structuring, term documentation and legal documentation

Lead teams’ knowledge on loan syndication practices and policies

Establish network with prospective clients

Present syndicated loan products to prospective clients

Lead the due diligence process by answering financial, strategy-based and credit structure questions raised by lenders