Electronic Trading System Management

Demonstrate good grasp of electronic trading key drivers and perform market analysis activities to establish a seamless system to allow investors and traders to place trades and monitor performance



Competency Area

Investment and Financial Management


Execute operations of electronic trading systems

Operate proprietary software and operating systems of the Execution Management Systems (EMS)

Generate market analysis based on data obtained

Display relevant market data

Track trade activities and progress

Handle orders across multiple trading venues and markets

Suggest improvements to the performance of trading systems

Manage performance of electronic trading systems

Perform multi-step electronic trading tasks that cater to customers and their product portfolios

Leverage Information Technology (IT) infrastructure to match customers’ future and present needs

Troubleshoot proprietary software and operating systems of the Execution Management Systems (EMS)

Evaluate existing electronic trading systems for optimisation and enhancement opportunities

Develop plans to enhance electronic trading systems capabilities

Develop business plans to support development of e-trading ventures

Develop plans for integrating e-trading initiatives into existing trading practices

Develop recommendations to electronic trading systems that synthesises market developments with customers’ needs

Lead improvements and enhance electronic trading systems

Define KPIs to evaluate electronic trading systems

Set strategies for electronic trading system infrastructure

Evaluate recommendations to electronic trading systems and tools

Assess the feasibility of integrating e-trading initiatives with current Information Technology (IT) infrastructure

Endorse organisation investments in IT infrastructure

Lead development of e- trading ventures