Enterprise Database System Administration

Manage database design, architecture, optimisation, deployment, troubleshooting as well as capacity planning, refinement of logical design, handling of back-up and recovery plans, in order to support business requirements



Competency Area

Technology Management


Implement enterprise database systems

Implement data loading, security, performance monitoring and tuning, capacity planning, backup and recovery

Maintain availability and performance of all hosted enterprise databases and ensure secure services with no unplanned downtime

Implement performance diagnostics and troubleshooting at scale in live environment

Analyse processing issues and data anomalies and identifying solutions

Implementation of database changes

Implement risk management measures for business continuity and disaster recovery

Develop enterprise database system optimisation plans

Develop security monitoring and incident reporting requirements for enterprise database system operations in accordance to organisation’s information security frameworks

Review security monitoring reports according to database operational procedures

Review performance diagnostics and troubleshooting reports to improve data management operations

Develop reactive solutions to handle high loads and avoid resource starvation

Facilitate optimisation plans to increase flexibility in database capacity

Develop risk management measures for business continuity and disaster recovery

Facilitate standard control procedures according to database management business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans

Enhance logistics operation efficiency using IT

Drive and evaluate emerging trends of enterprise database management in logistics industry

Formulate and evaluate current and future database capacity requirements

Formulate database system implementation procedures and standards to enhance logistics operation efficiency

Formulate information security guidelines based on organisation’s information security frameworks

Formulate business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans

Formulate processes for measuring operational and financial performance

Drive refinement of enterprise database systems

Lead development of analysis and reporting of data for use in informed decision- making by senior management