Event Logistics Administration

Manage and administer activities through deployment and withdrawal of resources according to schedule to ensure efficient supply of customer to the product and the supply of facilities to and from event sites



Competency Area

Solutioning and Programme Management


Implement event logistics plans from event sites

Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to manage equipment, product and overall logistics for events

Organise acquisition, shipment and installation of materials or specialised equipment for events

Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to create, manage and communicate customer outreach campaign procedures, oversee customer nominations and invitees tracking and reporting, along with organising and communicating necessary updates to the events team

Facilitate the development of efficient retail logistics management systems

Develop and facilitate event logistics management plans from acquisition shipment and installation of materials or specialised equipment for events

Develop onsite operations plans (flow of event and setup schedule)

Develop necessary contingency plans and process controls to ensure the right acquisition shipment and installation of materials or movement of specialised equipment for events

Facilitate positive and productive working relationships with vendors related to achieving necessary job duties on time and with utmost attention to detail and excellence including communicating expectations, evaluating proposals, and negotiating agreements to ensure the project stay within budget and on deadline

Review event logistics management outcomes through key performance metrics

Formulate event logistics management strategies

Lead and forecast emerging trends in event logistics

Formulate strategies to ensure market competitiveness which includes acquiring new event logistics management systems, recruiting and training employees to ensure that they possess future skills required

Formulate and evaluate major event logistics management strategies to elevate business profitability

Formulate risk management strategies with respect to event logistics to and from event sites

Formulate key performance metrics to analyse outcome of event logistics management

Drive logistics network optimisation to ensure timely supply of facilities, equipment and materials for events