Shipment Load Planning and Palletisation/Consolidation

Optimise pallet load configuration and consolidation for shipments



Competency Area

Equipment, Shipment and Cargo Handling


Apply methods to optimise shipment load

Enhance pallet load configuration and consolidation activities

Support pallet optimisation initiatives

Improve existing consolidation processes by utilising cost effective pallet sizes

Deploy methods or techniques to optimise shipment load

Analyse optimal loading of pallets and usage of appropriate loading equipment

Implement pallet optimisation initiatives

Deploy test efforts to identify effective load configurations

Deploy methods and techniques to revise and resolve load differences

Deploy required manpower and equipment requirements based on shipment load

Develop strategies for consistent and optimised shipment loads

Develop packing optimisation strategies to increase utilisation at minimal cost

Review pallet load and ensure compliance to customs requirements

Develop cost models to simulate optimal load capacity

Develop and share techniques including arrangements that take into account port’s loading facilities

Review plans and schedules for manpower and equipment requirements