Corporate and Business Law Application

Identify and apply business laws and regulations within organisation and respond to legal and regulatory changes to ensure compliance



Competency Area

Risk Management, Governance and Regulatory Compliance


Communicate the latest relevant global and regulatory developments

Interpret and identify the impact of the latest legal framework and legislations on businesses

Identify latest global and regulatory developments relevant to the business

Determine impact of regulatory developments and changes to business

Determine laws most relevant to organisation’s regular transactions and reference them to carry out routine application in day-to-day transactions

Identify and reference laws most relevant for organisational transactions and most frequently references in day-to-day transactions

Source and reference relevant laws when required by legal transactions

Evaluate and apply relevant laws and regulations to support decision-making

Assess how changes in global developments and relevant business laws and regulations impact engagement and organisational transactions

Apply changes in global developments and relevant business laws and regulations during course of legal engagement and applications

Identify and apply knowledge of relevant laws and regulations to organisational transactions, advice and/or legal positions taken

Provide legal position and advice based on known understanding of knowledge and regulators.

Contextualise legal knowledge to financial services industry and specific legal transactions

Analyse impact on operations, financial and legal risk position/s

Develop scenario analysis on the impact of laws and regulations on an organisation’s financial and legal risk position

Influence the organisation and senior stakeholders to adapt to new regulations

Monitor public policy issues within the financial services industry

Propose risk management approaches relevant to known laws and regulations