Personal Finance Advisory

Advise customers on suitable in-house financial solutions, based on analyses of their personal financial needs



Competency Area

Customer Relationship and Stakeholder Management


Develop personal financial plans based on financial needs and risk profiles

Develop professional relationships with prospective and existing customers

Analyse information on customers’’ income, expenses, taxes and savings to understand their cash flow situations

Analyse customers’ risk profiles and personal financial situations to determine their investment profiles

Analyse relevant information and current insurance policies in effect, to analyse customers’ life, health and personal general insurance needs

Assist customers in retirement planning by establishing their retirement goals and analysing their financial situations

Develop personal financial plans that sets out the financial goals, financial analysis and recommendations on how customers personal financial goals can be met

Review personal financial plans periodically with customers and alert customers of revisions required to successfully achieve financial goals

Address customers queries on existing banking and financial transactions and escalate significant matters to the management

Align personal financial plans to customers’ financial objectives and risk profiles

Present effectively the features, benefits, limitations, risks and suitability of financial products to customers with financial planning needs

Analyse customers’ sources and uses of income, debt exposure and implications on interest and principal repayment obligations, and risk profiles

Establish customers risk appetites, and analyse their risk profiles and personal financial situations for insurance planning

Review personal financial plans, based on an understanding of customers’’ financial goals and risk profiles, to ensure they meet clients’ financial objectives

Enhance comprehensiveness of financial plans for customers by incorporating business ownership considerations as part of the analysis

Recommend suitable investment products or asset allocation strategies based on customers’ investment profiles

Advise mass affluent customers by determining suitable in- house wealth management products to meet their needs

Establish customers’ estate planning needs and analyse their personal financial situations

Recommend suitable estate planning solutions, to develop

Oversee organisation’s strategies on personal financial advisory

Assess implications of emerging local and international regulatory trends and developments governing financial planning activities, on regulated financial institutions and their financial planners

Assess implications of different business structures on the personal income and wealth of customers with business ownership

Articulate the importance of integrated comprehensive financial plans for achieving overall financial planning objectives to customers

Ensure products and financial plans recommended are compliant to regulations and organisational policies

Establish the organisation’s positioning of financial advisory solutions to customers