Order Fulfilment Administration

Administer receiving, processing, delivery and optimisation processes for orders in order to support business and customer requirements



Competency Area

Stakeholder and Customer Management


Carry out stock processing & monitoring

Carry out verification of goods against source documents

Carry out proper documentation and update of records promptly and accurately

Identify accurate dispatch of order and invoicing information to respective departments

Follow organisation procedures to handle problems encountered during order processing

Follow organisation procedures to handle problems regarding stock levels

Carry out stocktake and verification of required stock levels

Follow organisation requirements for stock rotation

Follow organisation requirements for reporting stock discrepancies

Support order fulfilment processes

Support proper update and filing of order and shipping documents

Support fulfilment of order requirements through handling queries related to order fulfilment

Support planning performance measures for logistical functions

Apply understanding of technologies used in logistics to process customer orders

Monitor inventory levels (inbound and outbound flow of goods)

Collaborate with stakeholders to manage order fulfilments

Maintain centralised and decentralised purchasing options correctly to meet needs of organisation

Maintain appropriate inventory control and tracking to ensure optimum inventory level

Collaborate with customers to address and solve customer queries

Collaborate with various divisions to track order status, goods receiving status, outbound packing status and shipment pickup

Review order fulfilment processes to ensure compliance and mitigate gaps

Inspect documentation to ensure compliance to legal requirements

Develop solutions to mitigate order fulfilment bottlenecks

Facilitate returns process decisions with respect to repair, refurbishment, disposition and secondary markets

Facilitate communication with stakeholders to address order fulfilment problems

Develop comprehensive reverse logistics frameworks

Ensure robustness of order fulfilment processes

Formulate strategies linking Global Supply Management and Order Fulfilment

Forecast order demand and supply in order to ensure sufficient capacity

Forecast future trends

Lead development of infrastructure to meet future order fulfilment needs, for example, catering to reverse logistics

Devise strategies to optimise backward loop

Drive development of sustainable order processes

Drive cost-saving strategies within the fulfilment process