Trade Finance Management

Perform trade finance products processing and manage trade financing procedures by identifying appropriate solutions that minimise trade risks



Competency Area

Investment and Financial Management


Analyse trade finance solutions to address trade financing needs

Perform reporting of cash flow and trade finance activities

Perform trade finance documentation checks transactions

Safekeep trade documentations according to guidelines

Analyse the various financing structures along the supply chain for adequate financing

Develop appropriate trade financing solutions for clients

Review periodic cash flow and trade finance activities

Evaluate the trade finance versus the risk landscape

Manage trade finance policies

Perform or support team in structured financing

Develop and implement enhancements to trade finance and cash

Manage an organisation’s trade finance procedures

Formulate compliance guidelines for trade finance procedures

Establish policies for trade documentation

Prioritise technology application adoption in trade finance

Cascade the development of trade knowledge across the organisation

Formulate international trade finance and cash