Client Investment Suitability

Determine client suitability, financing needs, risk management requirements, investment objectives and propose relevant sales opportunities



Competency Area

Investment and Financial Management


Gather client data and develop investment profiles

Support development of client acquisition strategies by categorising different market players and investor groups within the financial markets

Research investment considerations and gather client risk appetites and expected returns

Construct client investment profiles using client characteristics and risk profiles

Identify financial needs and concerns of different investor group segments

Assess suitability of products with client investment profiles and portfolios

Manage client acquisition strategies and propose products suitable

Validate accuracy of client investment profile research

Design client acquisition strategies based on identified target client group profiles

Evaluate client investment profiles to determine their financing needs and investment objectives

Determine products or investment planning advice to recommend to clients based on client suitability assessment

Align client acquisition and investment suitability strategies to organisation’s risk thresholds

Establish guidelines for client investment strategies

Guide the direction of the bank or financial institution’s overall client acquisition strategies

Align acquisition strategies and suitability assessments with the latest trends in financial markets, client behaviours and innovation taking place in the industry

Validate suitability assessment and target investor group identification methodologies

Set organisation’s investment risk thresholds

Review and approve product recommendations