Fund Accounting

Manage fund accounting to record, match and settle transactions, establish prices of securities, monitor and process corporate actions, process unit holders’ records, prepare net asset valuation report of funds and fund financial reports



Competency Area

Investment and Financial Management


Prepare net asset valuation reports

Prepare net asset valuation report of funds

Calculate net asset value per share for each fund

Monitor and process latest corporate actions

Identify errors and unmatched trades for aluation reports

Record unmatched trades and flag for resolution

Gather and analyse relevant information to value securities where there is no or limited market price information

Identify errors and client issues during updating of unitholders’ records, processing payments and refund requests

Manage and resolve unmatched transactions, pricing of securities

Review unmatched trades and determine actions for resolution

Establish processes to value securities where there are no or limited market price information

Analyse impact of corporate actions and discuss actions with senior team members

Investigate and resolve identified discrepancies, client issues and queries, or errors in accordance with organisational policy and procedures

Review calculations of per unit net asset valuation for each fund to ensure calculations are as prescribed by the Trust Deed of the respective fund

Coordinate fund audits with auditors and resolve queries with auditors and management