Collateral Management

Reduce risk by reviewing collateral documentation for completeness and validity, performing collateral valuation and margin call calculations and resolving reconciliation breaks



Competency Area

Investment and Financial Management


Manage collateral documentations for record keeping and compliance

Assess collateral counterparties using external ratings and internal organisational guidelines

Review validity and completeness of collateral documentation for the relevant products at various stages of the collateral life cycle

Calculate average price, price allocation, variation margin and initial margin where applicable for the various types of collateral

Gather responses from, counterparties or other relevant parties to ensure timely and appropriate settlement of margin requirements

Perform relevant collateral reconciliations

Resolve breaks to manage the associated risks

Conduct checking, valuing and reconciliation of portfolios

Identify portfolio exceptions and breaks to conduct resolution activities

Identify relevant general ledger and sub-ledger accounts used in product accounting for key transactions

Recognise triggers that are used for monitoring and escalating unreconciled items and exceptions and/or breaks

Valuation of collateral and resolve reconciliation break

Perform valuation of collateral and margin call calculations

Issue the margin calls in an accurate manner to the respective parties

Ensure collateral agreement terms reflect the appetite for counterparty risk and limits

Ensure portfolios are checked, valued and reconciled on a regular basis to ensure collateral management data is current and valid

Determine triggers for identifying exceptions

Prioritise the resolution and assess their impact to the business

Prepare collateral-related control and management reports and escalate exceptions for corrective actions

Perform relevant collateral reconciliations and resolve breaks to manage the associated risks

Articulate identification of differences in valuation methods

Identify common issues in the reports and provide appropriate commentary explaining impacts and causes

Manage risks relating to reconciliation breaks

Advise credit team, risk team or relevant stakeholders on relevant laws and regulations and international guidelines

Ensure acceptability based on organisational risk management perspective before accepting new collateral

Determine minimum maintenance margin requirements for strategic alignment

Endorse corrective actions for detected exceptions

Develop investigation approaches and corrective actions for collateral exceptions/breaks and unresolved disputes

Determine service level agreement with stakeholders for corrective actions to address reconciliation breaks relating to collateral

Formulate plans to resolve disputes relating to reconciliation and reporting collateral exceptions/breaks