Container Loading and Unloading Administration

Conduct cargo operations associated with interpretation and application of instructions, regulations, procedures and information associated with loading, unloading, stuffing, unstuffing, stowage and care of cargo



Competency Area

Equipment, Shipment and Cargo Handling


Carry out cargo operations and ensure documentations

Carry out inspection cargo acceptance and delivery documentation instructions

Follow appropriate procedures and interpret accurately from container labels or instructions

Follow safety procedures and apply appropriate documentation for loading and unloading

Ensure documentations are filled in as per regulations

Audit documents as per checklist for cargo acceptance

Record discrepancies between documented and container labels for reporting to appropriate authoritie

Ensure SHE procedures are followed for loading and unloading

Support development of assistance material associated with cargo operations

Prepare relevant documentation for specific INCOTERMS

Support development of procedures for loading, unloading, stowage and care of cargo

Prepare cargo acceptance and delivery documentation instructions

Improve on cargo- related documentation processes

Cross checking of information on shipping documentation