International Trade Legislation Compliance

Identify all aspects of international trade processes and foreign and multilateral trade laws for regulatory compliance



Competency Area

Freight Forwarding


Interpret elements of trade laws for regulatory compliance

Interpret importance and uses of INCOTERMS

Support data entry for submission of customs clearance documentation

Support permit declarations on TradeNet

Implement and maintain internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Analyse steps and rationale of import and export processes

Implement STC, trade tariffs, quota and Free Trade Agreements to identify documentation required for international trade legislation compliance

Implement internal SOPs in international trade processes to ensure compliance

Obtain and verify product classification rulings from customs, and perform other clerical reviews for certain transactions subject to export control rules

Maintain documentation and submission of any required import or export licence requests to specific country authorities to obtain import or export approvals

Maintain application of permits via TradeNet

Prepare B/L in accordance to shipper’s and buyer’s requirements

Review processes to detect non- compliance and develop preventive measures

Review international trade processes according to compliance review measures formulated to detect non-compliance to internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Review processes for retention of import or export-related documents such as product classification reports and classification declaration

Assess potential risks and challenges in trade compliance and develop rectification measures with relevant stakeholders

Manage all incidents of non-compliance and suspected non- compliance with trade compliance laws, regulations or internal SOPs, including escalation to key stakeholders

Facilitate update changes to country- specific classification, licence management and screening guidelines when changes are introduced

Formulate & drive SOPs for regulatory & legal compliance

Formulate compliance strategies with internal stakeholders to achieve acceptable levels of compliance rates

Formulate internal SOPs according to international trade legislations to facilitate compliance to government regulatory requirements and legislations

Formulate compliance review measures to enhance compliance rates to internal SOPs, government regulatory requirements and legislations

Liaise with external (customs and trade authorities) stakeholders to discuss and negotiate company specific trade or customs compliance issues

Drive compliance and maintain trade licences to carry out trade in specific regions