Trust Structuring

Derive the most suitable trust structures which maximise distribution of dividends and/or required benefits to beneficiaries



Competency Area

Investment and Financial Management


Conduct research and gather information on trust structures, legislation and returns

Solicit and gather background information and requirements of trust grantor and beneficiaries

Check advantages and disadvantages of various trust structures and how they relate to specific context and set of beneficiaries

Research and gather market intelligence on various trust structures

Support trust implementation

Support trust performance monitoring

Maintain trust structure information and requirements

Execute trust structure implementation

Update trust structure performance reports

Evaluate trust structures for potential returns, implications and associated risks

Review various trust structuring strategies and match them to beneficiary requirements

Analyse market intelligence on trust structures to determine optimal forms

Evaluate trust structures for maximum dividend payout capability

Evaluate regulations and risks within legal jurisdiction for trust structures

Implement trust structures according to regulatory requirements

Monitor performance of returns to determine effectiveness of trust structures

Identify possible future scenarios which may impact trust structures

Plan trust structures provisions to react to future conditions

Define and propose suitable trust structures

Formulate trust structuring policies and guidelines

Review data on requirements of trust grantor and beneficiaries against proposed trust structures

Identify risks associated with various trust structures

Establish possible management actions and/or risks to grantors and beneficiaries

Determine if proposed trust structures align to relevant legislative jurisdiction requirements

Identify and articulate various scenarios and factors which may impact trusts and returns

Verify set-up of trusts according to regulatory requirements

Appoint relevant trust managers to oversee trusts