Pricing for Transportation Services and Operations

Apply knowledge in transportation services and operations together with understanding of needs of shippers and consignees to develop reliable and affordable transportation pricing models



Competency Area

Freight Forwarding


Support in documentation of cargo pricing

Support documentation of transport services and operations pricing

Support data collection of market prices

Maintain data records according to norms and guidelines

Implement transportation pricing models

Analyse shippers and consignees’ needs

Analyse prevalent market prices

Implement transportation pricing models to advise shippers and consignees on shipment charges

Develop reliable and affordable transportation pricing solutions

Review new developments, and suggest related measures and other approaches to achieve cost savings and ensure customer satisfaction

Process, analyse, and price complex transportation route solutions

Assess third-party transportation costing models that can be adopted

Develop and maintain network-wide and regional transportation costing models that can be rapidly applied during sales and business development efforts to affiliate new customers

Facilitate drafting of transportation pricing language into contractual service agreements

Develop cost models that accurately depict impacts of proposed changes in logistics network

Facilitate transportation rate reviews and provide recommendations for action

Assess customer behaviours and pricing results in support of pricing strategies

Formulate transportation pricing strategies

Evaluate freight, rate, and transportation capacity trends and apply insights to influence pricing strategies

Evaluate market trends and fluctuations and apply insights to influence pricing strategies

Coach key internal stakeholders on application of pricing models

Devise performance metrics aligned to sales and marketing strategies

Evaluate effectiveness of pricing models according to key performance metrics

Lead implementation of pricing models appropriate to changing market conditions