Livestock Cargo Administration

Arrange transportation of livestock cargo including documentation, cargo inspection and compliance with regulatory requirements



Competency Area

Freight Forwarding


Describe livestock cargo administration procedures

Describe livestock handling processes and activities

Carry out data entry required for livestock cargo handling such as load and delivery information, logging temperature data and transportation equipment specifications

Implement checklist and resolve for any 'missing' item

Implementation of checklists and guidelines for livestock transportation

Support documentation processing and cross- checking with regulatory requirements

Support to check on livestock loading requirements

Apply compliance checklists for required cargo certifications

Maintain regulatory compliance for livestock transportation

Review procedures to ensure documentation is filled in accurately

Maintain compliance checklists to ensure cargo is certified

Implement guidelines for appropriate stowage and transport requirements for livestock

Implement checklists to assess transport requirements for livestock

Collaborate with customs to organise required documentation

Facilitate end-to-end processing and transportation of livestock

Review documentation pertaining to livestock regulatory requirements

Facilitate training or knowledge sessions on transport of livestock

Adapt to international standards by implementing best practices

Facilitate discussions with vendors on required insurance