Underwriting Profitability and Efficiency Management

Manage profitability and effectiveness of insurance underwriting function according to organisation's strategies



Competency Area

Product, Sales and Market Management


Review and manage changes to underwriting approaches to ensure efficiency

Escalate complaints from customers and intermediaries

Develop positive relationships with customers and intermediaries

Resolve customer issues rapidly and within prescribed procedures

Establish organisation’s underwriting strategies and guidelines

Evaluate local and international trends and developments in the insurance industry, and apply knowledge to make recommendations to management

Perform technical underwriting

Identify causes of poor performance and errors

Propose recommendations for improvements to performance of underwriting processes

Evaluate key external factors that may impact underwriting profitability

Recommend improvements to underwriting and/or pricing guidelines

Implement improvements and coordinate treaty arrangements for relevant insurance products

Manage complaints from key strategic customers and intermediaries

Measure impact of changes to underwriting by applying industry knowledge

Manage underwriting function

Assess underwriting efficiency using management information and Key Performance Indicators

Establish relationships with customers and intermediaries of strategic importance to the organisation