Market Research and Analysis

Develop market analysis frameworks and objectives to guide and conduct analyses of market trends, developments, competitive factors and economic changes to identify useful business insights, drive economic decisions and forecast market needs



Competency Area

Investment and Financial Management


Forecast emerging market needs

Conduct background research in alignment to the market research study objectives

Implement research methodologies to gather data

Analyse data to support market research study objectives

Draw preliminary links between market research findings and identifying opportunities and/or insights for organisational and product performance

Report findings and recommendations to relevant stakeholders in accordance with organisational procedures

Analyse authenticity, accuracy, validity and relevance of research findings

Develop market research objectives, plans

Develop market research study objectives aligned to research needs

Define critical questions to be addressed through market research activities

Develop market research plans and research methodologies to support market research study objectives

Manage market research activities in accordance with market research plans

Develop business recommendations based on data gathered

Articulate business implications of the insights and trends derived from analyses

Identify and direct action plans relating to opportunities identified via market research

Formulate market research frameworks

Formulate market research frameworks in relation to organisational objectives and strategic direction

Formulate market research policies and procedures to guide market research plans

Evaluate research findings and incorporate them into strategy development and business planning

Set the budgets required to drive market research