Environmental Protection Management

Establish policies and procedures for sustainable environment practices covering green procurement, gas emissions, disposal methods, product quality standards and regulatory compliance



Competency Area

Workplace Safety and Health


Support roll out of policies and practices for a sustainable environment

Support reduction of emissions, disposal and non-renewable resources in accordance to local environmental practices

Carry out practice of recycling and establish policies for materials to be recycled

Support policies and procedures writing on organisational environmental and sustainable practices

Maintain a sustainable and environmentally-friendly culture

Implement environmental policies and procedures in accordance to regulatory requirements

Analyse procedures for assessing compliance with environmental and sustainability regulations

Analyse information on environmental and resource efficiency systems

Implement environmental and resource efficiency improvement plans

Implement policies and procedures that provide guidelines on regulated waste disposal methods

Analyse appropriate waste treatment methods including waste to landfill, recycling, re-use, recoverable resources and wastewater treatment

Evaluate potential initiatives for carbon footprint reduction plans

Facilitate adoption of sustainable and environmentally-friendly culture

Review environmental policies and procedures to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements

Adapt environmental and resource efficiency improvement plans to industry standards

Develop utility and transportation efficiency plans

Develop and integrate organisation’s sustainability plans to drive commitment to environmental protection and sustainability

Develop assessment criteria for sustainable and ethical sourcing which has minimal adverse environmental impacts

Develop EMS policies, objectives and frameworks according to requirements and specifications

Drive sustainability and environmental efforts

Formulate initiatives for advancement in environmental and sustainability practices that ensure compliance of organisation and its suppliers

Lead organisation’s sustainable purchasing and disposal policies

Devise improvement strategies for environmental and resource sustainability initiatives such as environmental management systems, green office programs, transportation enhancements, surveys and audits

Formulate measures to monitor gas emissions and effectiveness of reduction plans

Provide guidance on EMS requirements in accordance to local and international standards