Risk Analytics

Utilise quantitative methods, stress testing approaches and risk modelling to support robust integrated risk management frameworks and methodologies



Competency Area

Risk Management, Governance and Regulatory Compliance


Implement basic stress testing to identify, assess and report risks

Execute risk assessment and modelling processes

Conduct bottom-up and top-down stress testing approaches

Analyse stress test results and/or risk models to identify, assess and report risks to relevant stakeholders

Report possible impact of identified risks on organisation’s risk exposure, risk profile business and/or environment

Develop pricing and valuation models according to parameters to identify risks involved

Propose possible risk response activities aligned to identified risks

Facilitate risk response activities with organisational stakeholders

Design quantitative models for risk scenarios, and stress testing processes

Define objectives, variables and parameters for risk analytics and risk modelling activities

Identify possible scenarios and implementation strategies for scenario analyses and stress testing

Derive and report outcome of stress test results analyses

Assess and report identified risk events and their impact to the organisation

Identify and propose risk response activities

Define appropriate data management initiatives

Monitor risk analytics activities and propose improvement initiatives to mitigate risk

Propose valuation and pricing for products and services based on models

Drive strategy for implementing quantitative testing approaches

Define organisation’s risk analytics framework, policies and processes and objectives

Develop key risk indicators for organisation

Define forward looking scenarios for stress testing and scenario analyses

Regularly report risk analytic activities and findings to senior management

Propose and deploy appropriate risk controls to ensure compliance and manage risk exposure

Align risk analytics activities with enterprise risk management approaches

Design and prepare crisis management and business continuity approaches

Advice organisational stakeholders on overall risk appetite and risk tolerance limits