Logistics Solution Product/Project Management

Manage activities to meet project requirements and translate to plans that deliver ontime, on-budget learning and integration that organisations need



Competency Area

Solutioning and Programme Management


Implement project management plans

Analyse project requirements and milestones

Implement project schedules, quality, communication and risk plans in day-to-day project management

Identify project risk mitigation plans

Develop and facilitate project management plans

Develop and facilitate project schedules, quality plans, budgets, and communication plans

Oversee implementation of programme on regular basis with regards to schedules, budget, manpower and quality

Review different aspects of project management to achieve the desired results such as cost or benefit targets)

Measure project progress and cost control

Develop project risk management processes

Formulate project parameters to fit within supply chain strategies

Lead delivery of key outcomes within teams or departmental projects

Provide strategic guidance to tailor programmes to business needs and priorities

Formulate project parameters according to customers and stakeholders’ requirements

Formulate risk handling strategies