Pricing for Warehouse Services and Operations

Provide open or closed-book pricing based on warehouse fixed and variable costs, financials, and profit and loss requirements of organisation



Competency Area

Warehouse Management


Support documentation of transportation pricing

Support documentation of warehouse services and operations pricing

Support data collection of market prices

Deploy improvement initiatives

Implement warehouse pricing models

Analyse warehouse and customer requirements and needs

Analyse prevalent market prices

Implement warehouse pricing options and advise customers on warehouse charges

Develop price options

Facilitate discussions with clients for types of warehouse services required

Review storage capacity and forecasting plans

Adapt to new technological changes or customer trends and readjust pricing models accordingly

Review operating costs to obtain and develop updated pricing models

Develop predetermined or customised pricing models based on equipment, technology and operating costs

Develop strategies to lower operational costs for improved pricing

Formulate pricing policies

Devise strategies to maximise sales opportunities of warehouse spaces

Provide guidance on pricing models based on market changes

Lead discussions with clients to agree on acceptable service levels by developing customised compliant and non-compliant price models

Provide guidance to quantify and recommend manpower effort of services

Provide guidance on prices based on complexity of international documentation charges

Formulate overall revenue margins based on commercial understanding and requirements of the organisation

Lead changes to organisation’s service offerings based on value-added services and changing market dynamics