Cross Docking

Transfer inbound materials, goods and products from receiving docks to shipment docks for outbound deliveries



Competency Area

Warehouse Management


Carry out handling of goods in docking terminals

Follow vehicle safety measures and check proper usage of loading and unloading equipment

Carry out loading and unloading activities

Apply basic skills to operate mechanised material handling equipment (MHE) and cross docking equipment

Follow procedures to sort, label or scan goods

Support distribution of goods in docking terminals

Support labelling and scanning tasks

Enhance processes of operationalising cross docking equipment

Improve end-to-end docking processes

Support with monitoring accuracy and sorting of products to outbound destinations

Support enhancement of loading and unloading processes by reducing time and touchpoints

Implement efficient distribution methods of goods in docking terminals

Maintain efficient and orderly traffic in docking areas by reviewing schedules

Implement effective order fulfilment strategies

Collaborate with customers to manage inbound and outbound planning

Implement initiatives to improve speed and reduce touch points or manual handling