Customer Management

Manage customers across the customer lifecycle to guide customer interactions, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth



Competency Area

Stakeholder and Customer Management


Follow guidelines to provide customer service

Identify triggers in service environment that may lead to potential service challenges

Apply service recovery procedures to respond to service challenges

Follow organisational processes and procedures to provide prompt and quality customer service

Identify customer needs and expectations

Identify urgent customer needs through assessments

Carry out measures to address urgent customer needs

Carry out collection of customer feedback

Enhance customer service by interpreting and actining on feedback

Support collection of information from various sources relevant to identifying customer needs and expectations

Support creation of positive customer experience by offering customised and personalised services

Identify areas of improvement as per customer feedback

Identify challenges that require escalation

Collaborate with stakeholders to service customers

Collaborate with customers to provide post-sales follow-ups

Analyse gaps between actual service performance and organisation’s service standards

Analyse service performance levels for effectiveness of actions taken

Maintain customer rapport to build customer confidence

Deploy service quality improvement tools to improve logistics delivery processes

Develop customer relationships through analysis of customer data

Review analysis derived from various sources to establish customer needs and expectations

Develop customer account management frameworks to measure and evaluate customer satisfaction

Facilitate dialogue sessions with customers

Adapt processes to measure and manage customer satisfaction and feedback

Develop customer service plans to support customers

Facilitate innovation of product or service offerings to respond to customer needs and expectations

Synergise customer needs and requirements with organisation capabilities

Devise strategies to meet customer requirements and expectations based on sales and customer management knowledge

Lead budgeting and regulatory processes, ensuring consistent frameworks used to formulate and optimise business solutions

Formulate service innovation frameworks

Drive culture that promotes service innovations

Devise service quality and customer satisfaction performance against benchmarking criteria and key performance indicators

Guide discussions on service quality and customer satisfaction with stakeholders

Transform discussions of potential opportunities into actionable future plans with customers

Cultivate value-creating partnerships with customers

Synergise customer and organisation advocacies

Forecast future customer needs and requirements

Transform forecasts into actionable resourcing plans to meet customer needs