e-Logistics IT Solutioning

Integrate internet-based technologies with back-end processes to improve logistics operations and develop new logistic management practices to support technological advances



Competency Area

Technology Management


Implement e-logistics system integration plans

Collaborate with logistics operation stakeholders to implement e-logistics integration into logistics operational procedures

Implement test plans for integration of e-logistics systems

Analyse impacts of integration on performance of logistics processes

Maintain availability and performance of integrated systems

Implement performance diagnostics and troubleshooting

Implement risk management measures for business continuity and disaster recovery

Implement control procedures to ensure information security

Develop and review e-logistics system integration approaches

Develop integration approaches and integration tools to ensure seamless e- logistics integration with key supply chain stakeholders

Facilitate e-logistics systems implementation planning through assessment of system integration and test plans

Review usage of integrated systems using key performance metrics

Develop and facilitate standard control procedures for risk management, business continuity and disaster recovery

Develop and facilitate control procedures to ensure information security

Formulate e-logistics system integration strategies and formulate control measures

Initiate assessment of current and future logistics business requirements

Drive business effectiveness through adoption of e-logistics technologies to provide integrated logistics services to end consumers.

Lead assessment and selection of internet- based technologies for implementation

Formulate e-logistics integration strategies

Formulate key performance metrics to measure success of system integration according to business requirements

Facilitate risk analysis and business impact analysis of e-logistics implementation

Formulate information security guidelines for e-logistics based on organisation’s information security frameworks

Guide system engineering teams to ensure relevant legal and regulatory issues are adhered to during system integration

Drive adoption of integrated e-logistics management practices by key stakeholders