Supply Chain Solutioning/Modelling/Planning/Strategising

Develop new operating models and solutions for customers to manage their supply chain needs as well as improve inventory levels, delivery time and cost saving



Competency Area

Solutioning and Programme Management


Analyse current supply chain operating models

Project future demand for supply chain operations

Collaborate with critical supply chain stakeholders to analyse gaps of current supply chain operating models with respect to key performance indicators, current industry best practices and future demand

Implement supply chain optimisation plans

Develop models to optimise supply chain operation

Develop appropriate performance indicators for supply chain operation management

Develop optimisation plans for supply chain operating models to close identified gaps, taking into account customer needs

Simulate optimisation plans for supply chain operation with models such as conducting experiments with different parameters in terms of order quantity and lead time for inventory models

Adopt integrated solution approaches to manage supply chain

Formulate supply chain operations & ensure alignment to business objectives

Formulate priorities in measuring key performance of supply chain operation management

Formulate supply chain operation strategies to meet customer needs

Evaluate proposed supply chain operating models by business impact, ensure marketing competitiveness and meeting future customer needs

Drive implementation of supply chain operation optimisation models