Coastal Management

Designing programs and policies for the protection, conservation, rehabilitation, and upkeep of coastal areas with a view to protecting the natural environment and the interests of communities who are dependent on these areas



Competency Area

Natural Resource Management


Demonstrates knowledge of various aspects of coastal management

Understands technical components of coastal management such as mangroves, ecosystems, mariculture, watersheds, erosion, marine pollution, coral reefs, planning, fisheries management, core sciences (biology, chemistry, physics), integrated coastal zone management and law.

Recognises legal and regulatory provisions that dictate/influence the management of coastal areas such as ICZM, creation of Coastal Zone Management Plans etc.

Describes various tools that are used for the management of coastal areas such as GIS, statistical software, surveillance technology etc.

Contributes to designing coastal management programs

Identifies stakeholders that need to be included in a coastal management program

Describes the processes that need to be laid down to ensure that the objectives of a coastal management program are met such as the ICZM process/ principles

Demonstrates proficiency in tools and technology required to carry out a coastal management program efficiently

Designs and executes coastal management programs

Addresses specific needs of stakeholders through public education campaign, conflict resolution, dialogue etc.

Formulates and implements processes as per accepted guidelines such as ICZM principles

Integrates technology and tools into the execution of projects.

Evaluates coastal programs for effectiveness

Contributes to studies that are designed to evaluate the impact of coastal management programs on the wellbeing of associated stakeholders especially vulnerable communities

Evaluates processes against globally stipulated ICZM benchmarks

Conducts technology assessment to evaluate the technologies deployed as a part of a project

Champions coastal management policy and research

Champions coastal management policy at the national and/or state level

Encourages research on existing and emerging topics associated with coastal management such as climate change adaptation measures, mapping coastal vulnerability, island management and spatial planning

Oversees development of technological solutions which can be deployed to improve the effectivenes of coastal management programs as a Subject Matter Expert