Enforcement- IP

Manage, monitor, and resolve instances involving the unauthorized use, duplication or sale of materials or products that are legally protected as IP to deter violations and to foster an environment of credibility, creativity and innovation



Competency Area

Intellectual Property Administration


Recognizes IP enforcement rationale and options available

Understands types of IP, IP-related legislations/guidelines, IP infringements, IP litigation and prosecuting processes

Comprehends tools, processes, procedures and rights available for enforcing IP rights (such as cease-and-desist letters, judicial proceedings, provisional measures, injunctions etc

Describes objectives of organization's IP enforcement policies, enforcement procedures, IP infringement monitoring process etc.

Documents resources for IP enforcement

Assists in preparing status reports for internal as well as external reporting on IPR infringements

Identifies resources, experts and stakeholders involved in IP enforcement

Synthesizes list of effective and proportionate civil and criminal remedies and penalties as IPR enforcement options in emerging and developed markets (Such as EU Directive on Enforcement of IPR- IPRED,)

Formulates action plan on IP enforcement

Conducts analyses to determine the occurrence of IP infringements and assess viability of prosecuting IP infringements

Proposes IP enforcement options available to the organization to protect its IP portfolio

Determines suitable methodologies to assess potential losses due to IP infringements

Coordinates public consultation on the evaluation and modernization of legal framework for IPR enforcement framework

Oversees dispute resolution

Analyzes IP enforcement strategies and approaches to safeguard organization's IP rights

Evaluates effectiveness of IP enforcement strategies to determine areas of improvement

Prioritizes adoption of alternative dispute resolution via mechanisms such as arbitration and mediation over court litigation

Partners with industry peers and external stakeholders to ensure consistent and effective application of IPR enforcement directives