Belief in own capability to accomplish a task and being able to express confidence in dealing with challenging circumstances, without being arrogant or boastful.



Competency Area



Acts confidently within job role

Confidently performs the tasks within the job role

Presents oneself well

Executes activities with minimal supervision

Displays the willingness to take up additional responsibilities

Continues to act confidently beyond the limits of job role

Makes job-related decisions on his or her own, keeping in mind civil services’ values

Able to say ‘No’ to all backed by a strong reason

Acts confidently when the outcome benefits the public good, even when peers or partners disagree

Presents own point of view clearly and confidently in front of others

States confidence in own ability

Exhibits expertise and believes in own ability to get the work done

Explicitly demonstrates confidence in own judgment

Accepts responsibility for the consequences

Able to articulate own point of view confidently and clearly even when in disagreement with others

Takes on challenges

Gets excited by challenging assignments

Expresses own point of view clearly, confidently and politely when in disagreement with senior officers, stakeholders, or others in power

Acts in the favour of larger public good without being afraid of consequences

Is confident under extremely challenging situations

Willingly takes on extremely challenging (that is, personally risky) tasks

Challenges the status quo and is not afraid to take action, as long as the outcome is for the betterment of the community

Remains positive even under stressful conditions

Explores multiple ways to overcome the challenge at hand