Customer Solutions

Identify and analyse the issues/concerns customers encounter and prepare solutions for the same, while using customer relationship management systems.



Competency Area

Customer Service


Describes customer solutions

Describes the intent of a customer solutions team/individual, in terms of mitigating customer concerns

Documents common issues/concerns customers encounter

Navigates customer relationship management (CRM) systems

Identifies patterns

Gathers information on best practices and evolving trends for customer solutions, based on the concern

Identifies patterns of common issues/concerns customers encounter

Utilises CRM systems to deal with customer issues/concerns

Analyses patterns

Prepares customised customer solutions based on the concerns

Analyses reports on common issues/concerns customers encounter

Investigates under-utilised and outdated CRM system to deal with customer issues/concerns

Streamlines customer solutions

Streamlines the creation of new and innovative solutions that would ensure fewer concerns in the future

Anticipates common issues/concerns customers encounters and propose solutions for the same

Facilitates intra and inter departmental communications to establish innovative CRM systems