Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Documents, supports, and develops customer experience management strategies, keeping in mind the needs and behaviours of customers as well as customer relationships.



Competency Area

Customer Service


Demonstrates CEM knowledge

Demonstrates knowledge of customer experience management (CEM) processes and interactions

Gathers information for CEM programme, including best practices, evolving trends, etc.

Lists the steps required for creating a successful customer experience strategy

Aware of the challenges customers face (online and offline), considering the spectrum of customer centricity

Supports development of CEM strategy

Differentiates between CEM and customer relationship management (CRM), considering the underlying intent for both

Supports the development of CEM strategies, keeping the customer at the centre

Conducts research for each step of a customer experience strategy

Documents the challenges faced by customers to create customer profiles, identify areas of improvement, etc.

Develops CEM strategies

Incorporates CRM strategies into the overall CEM programme, keeping the customer at the centre

Develops CEM strategies, considering the short and long-term benefits (drive improvement, customer retention, etc.)

Reviews customer experience strategies, considering the needs and behaviours of customers

Integrates customer challenges into CEM programmes, through customer profiles