Customer Service Metrics

Describe, apply, and review a range of customer service metrics to monitor and improve the performance across the customer journey.



Competency Area

Customer Performance Management


Understands customer service metrics

Understands the intent of customer service metrics in monitoring performance

Lists a range of customer service metrics (customer effort score, net promoter score, etc.)

Describes the role of key performance indicators (KPI) in customer satisfaction

Aware of customer service dashboards that can keep track of metrics

Differentiates between customer service and experience metrics

Applies customer service metric

Utilises customer service metrics to gain actionable insights across the customer journey

Applies customer service metrics to analyse and evaluate performance

Identifies relevant KPIs that can help understand customer satisfaction

Navigates a range of customer service dashboards that can keep track of metrics

Discusses the role of experience metrics in contextualising customer service

Reviews and customises customer service metrics

Reviews customer service metrics against larger organisational goals and objectives

Determines which customer service metric to use based on the situation

Interprets and develops KPIs to identify key points of customer satisfaction

Adapts customer service dashboards to the requirements of the organisation

Illustrates the use of experience metrics in analysing customer service