Procurement Coordination and Performance Assessment

Prioritize and partner with suppliers, contractors and industry peers on procurement processes and practices to ensure goods/services are procured in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner



Competency Area

Contract Management and Procurement


Comprehends procurement processes and practices

Describes the role of procurement in the organization, difference between direct and indirect procurement, strategic sourcing, procurement planning, cost partnership and supplier development

Understands approaches to the negotiations with external organizations during the procurement (such as establishing objectives- Most Desirable Option MDO, Least Acceptable Alternative LAA, Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement BATNA)

Recognizes the role of ICT in enhancing transparency and eliminating opportunities for fraud and corruption

Maintains the list of product/service features and benefits, approved vendors, rates, regular purchasing reports etc.

Synthesizes documents, practices and performance indicators

Guides cross-functional team alignment and systematic engagement with stakeholders

Identifies specific indicators on procurement performance delivery essentials (such as budget controls, savings, process ownership, quality of service etc.) to measure adoption, performance and overall governance

Assists in stakeholder needs analysis, estimation of costs, price tracking and price reasonableness analysis

Documents best practices and processes that optimize procurement processes (such as functional efficiency, resource management, higher productivity), drive compliance

Creates tenders, Requests for Proposals etc. in accordance with existing policies and procedures to get market traction

Oversees procurement planning and implementation

Manages different procurement models across sectors and prepares an action plan to facilitate procurement process implementation (ToR verification, site visits, evaluation panels, bidders conference)

Establishes criteria for supplier selection methods, supplier evaluation and maintains healthy and reliable relationships (Supplier Relationship Management)

Reviews ongoing procurement plans and commitments to ensure its compliance with regulations and policies

Prepares standard bidding documentation as per guidelines and policies in the procurement operations manual

Streamlines communication and standard setting

Partners with industry peers and stakeholders towards setting joint goals and adherence to commitments and Service Levels (SLA) during procurement

Analyzes the gaps in between standard practices and on ground scenarios

Prioritizes ICT adoption to protect the procurement activity from fraud, waste and abuse

Applies a broad understanding of financial management principles to ensure procurement decisions are fiscally responsible