Contract Administration and Management

Manage, analyze and oversee the process of contract creation, execution and contract modification to minimize financial and quality concerns in order to ensure operational and financial integrity of the organization



Competency Area

Contract Management and Procurement


Comprehends contract and procurement rules, laws and procedures

Understands business finance and accounting principles, state and central laws, codes and regulations related to government procurement (such as labor laws, intellectual property, environment protection guidelines)

Summarizes principles, methods, procedures and practices of public procurement and steps involved in creating a valid and enforceable contract (terms, conditions, pricing etc.)

Recognizes the potential risks associated with contract development and management approaches (such as agile contract management)

Maintains database of contract files and records, status reports, contract documents

Guides contract development and administration

Develop contract proposals to support organizational objectives

Assists in pre-bid meetings, preparation of contract documents (such as contract letters, agreements, amendments, change orders, communications and notices), status reports,

Facilitates coordination with internal procurement, legal and finance teams in negotiating and executing contracts

Creates language standards and rules for existing and new contracts

Reviews contract claims and performance standards

Develops a contract administration plan during contract lifecycle (authoring, negotiation, implementation, enforcement, evaluation, closeout)

Reviews contract particulars (such as estimates, including proposed materials, production costs etc.) to determine its extent of reasonableness and accuracy and level of surveillance required

Prepares for contract claims and disputes, litigations and settlements internal and external stakeholders

Manages and Monitors vendor/supplier performance in relation to contractual agreements

Prioritizes compliance and dispute resolution

Streamlines communication and sets expectations between employer and contractor and initiates a strong employer/contractor relationship

Negotiates and approves or modifies contract terms while ensuring finance and quality of project deliverables

Analyzes contract obligations and risks involved to ensure its compliance with laws and regulations

Designs standardized contract processes as per industry benchmarks to facilitate flexible contract administration (such as Contract templates, workflow driven processes, Review and approval )