Strategy and Process Management- IP

Establish, supervise and evaluate IP policies and processes to protect the organization's innovative products/services/processes and strengthen the organization's competitive edge to stimulate and ensure fair competition and foster an environment of creativity and innovation



Competency Area

IP assets development and management


Describes IP legal framework and its salient features

Understands socio-economic and legal impact (risks/opportunities) of IP ownership and transfer policies on the business strategy and its significance in the organization's strategic pursuits (such as IP acquisition policy, IP exploitation policy, IP monitoring and enforcement policy)

Lists contents and features of intellectual property, and contemporary issues (such as patent pool, technical standards etc.)

Maintains IP database (patents, trademarks) to track technological developments, potential licensing partners and probable infringement cases

Lists platforms for generating awareness of IP policies and strategies

Identifies the organisation's assets and its IP suitability

Identifies applicable IP processes and procedures (such as registering, reporting infringements etc.) with regard to the organization's objectives

Estimates the quantifiable value of Intellectual Properties, based on financial details of an organization (for example- Analyzing trademark value)

Guides drafting of agreements (research, license, nondisclosure, etc.) involving the use, transfer, or ownership of intellectual property

Documents the organization's ongoing and planned research and development programs in the context of competitor activities, industry trends, and best practices.

Identifies the potential of the organisation's products/services/processes from the point of view of IP protection in consultation with the internal team, comprising of R&D members, technical operations, and corporate development teams

Assist in preparing, filing and prosecuting domestic and foreign IP applications, including preparing arguments

Determines IP processes and strategies

Establishes and Supervises IP processes towards efficient and timely management of IP assets

Organizes training programs for internal team members to ensure compliance with IP processes and to promote awareness of IP and its implications on various functions within the organization

Conducts and Reviews IP mapping studies (such as landscape prior art, Right to Use, validity reviews at project stages) to identify strategic directions, associated risks and opportunities

Manage product IP portfolio and Monitors competitor activities and industry trends through performance indicators

Proposes strategies to incorporate objectives in branding for stakeholder endorsement

Evaluates impact of IP policies and strategies

Persuades senior management and leadership team to get support and approval of IP policies, resources for implementation,

Evaluates the effectiveness of IP policies and processes and its implications on the organization's growth

Analyzes business environment impact, industry and international trends on IP management strategies